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What is a domain?

A domain name is how your customers find you on the web. They correspond to a series of numbers that act as routing addresses on the internet. A domain registration is the first step to take in getting your business online. A memorable web address (a.k.a domain) can help your customers find you, your website and your email addresses, so they can do business with you. 

How does a domain name work?

The location of your website online is numerically represented by a string of numbers known as an IP address - and this IP address is linked to your domain name. Using something called DNS (Domain Name System), when a user enters a domain name in their browser, the DNS server directs it to the IP address where the website is located. One of the main reasons for DNS is so that visitors to your site don't have to remember a numeric IP address - a memorable domain name is much easier for a visitor to recall. 

How do I register a domain name?

It's easy to search and register domain names with Discount Domains. Just use the search box at the top of the page to look for your preferred domain and we'll recommend the best domain extensions for you. 

What if I have a different question?

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